Honest: My brakes were making a squealing sound and I was told my another dealership I needed brakes. I purchased the brakes so my husband could put them on my van. He didn't have time so I dropped my van and the brakes by D & V. I received a call shortly after telling me I didn't need new brakes. I couldn't believe it. I knew I found the auto shop for me. Most places would have just replaced the brakes and made the money. Not Diego, he is a man of integrity. 


Diego is the best, Period. I used to work for USPS; I was a Rural Carrier, and because I used to drive so many miles for the type of job I had, my car needed to be in constant maintenance and reparations. I went to many car repairs and a friend recommended me D&V Auto Repair if I wanted to save money, and let me tell you; Diego is the BEST mechanic I've had. Extremely knowledgeable, honest and responsible in his dealings. Diego always fixed all my car problems with ease. He also went above and beyond when there was a parts mix up, at no mistake of his own, from the shippers by driving down to the store, picking up the correct parts and returning to completely fix my truck. Hire Diego and trust him, you will not be disappointed.


Friend: I came to know Diego when we first moved to Celina last year. Each and every time we have had problems with our vehicles, he has been wonderful. Very thorough, honest and fair pricing. After meeting Silvia, I have found that there are not many people like these two. Always willing to help others, going above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. I highly recommend D&V Auto and Joana's to anyone in the surrounding areas. D&V also does inspections, will repair any lawn equipment and pretty much anything with a motor, as in golf carts, dirt bikes, four wheelers and so on..... you leave D & V not only a satisfied customer but also having made new friends.  


Fast: I brought my truck by the D & V and the A/C wasn't working. I had a trip out of state the next day. They were able to get all the parts and fix my car that day. Amazing fast service and great people. 


Great Service: The best automotive service in North Texas with great customer service. We take all our vehicles to Diego. Would't take them to anyone else


Fair: I needed to have a minor repair done to the fender. I got a quote of $1500.00 to fix it. I ran into Sandy and she told me to bring it by Diego's and let him take a look. D & V fixed my car for $150.00. Wow!!!


Diego is a true man of integrity and we only use D&V Auto in Celina for all our vehicles. Great customer Services and fair prices. Great mechanics!


We love this place.  Great prices and they know their stuff. We take our lawn mowers, tractors AND cars here.  Big businesses could learn from the customer service at D and V!


The best automotive service in North Texas with great customer service.